Back to school with new braces? No problem.

Is it your first time stepping in the classroom with your new braces? Get ready to take on the school year with confidence by reading through this easy checklist. A little early preparation can go a long way towards making this semester the best yet.


1. Know Your Lunch Limits

Whether you eat in the caf or pack your own lunch, make sure your meal is made up of braces-friendly foods. Stick with softer foods, and avoid the crunchy, sticky stuff (think carrots, celery, hard crackers & caramel).  The more you stick to your approved foods list, the less you have to worry about losing a bracket or getting something caught in your braces.


2. Keep Brushing Supplies Stocked

Remember the kit we gave you when you first started your treatment with us? Now is the prime time to dust that thing off. Bring __, ___, and ___ with you to school. Keep some supplies in your locker, so they’re ready if you need them. Put the rest into your backpack for quick cleanings throughout the day!


3. Get New Braces, Make New Friends

Look around! We’re sure you’ll notice classmates who are receiving orthodontic treatment. Whether it’s an appliance or a full set of braces, many of your peers are also on their way to having a new, healthy smile. And remember - if you tell a friend about us and they schedule a visit, you get 200 Hopkins points!


4. Plan Your Ortho Visits with School In Mind

Take a good look at your school schedule. Coming to visit the orthodontist is a school-excused event, but if you are aware of what’s coming up in the year, we can try to accommodate your schedule. If you know you’ll have a class party or a review day for a big test, keep those special days in mind for the next time you schedule an appointment with us! That way, we are sure to keep your orthodontic treatment plan on track and you still ace that test!

Blake Brooks