5 Things You Won’t Get With Mail-Order Orthodontics

No matter how much gets done online these days, here at Daniel & Jones Orthodontics, we know that some things should stay face-to-face. Who doesn’t love going into a café or restaurant and spending time with the people they love? Keep reading to learn what 5 things you wont get with mail-order orthodontics. 

And who wants to try and automate and outsource their corrective dental and orthodontic care? Well, that’s just what mail-order orthodontic treatments will try and sell you on. But what are they? And do they even work? Dr. Daniel and Dr. Jones of Daniel & Jones Orthodontics are here to answer your questions. 

What are Mail-Order Orthodontics? 

Mail-Order Orthodontics is really just what it sounds like – You go online, fill out a questionnaire, send a few (hopefully accurate) cell phone pics, then wait a few days or weeks, take a few (again, hopefully accurate!) impressions by yourself, then (eventually) receive a clear aligner in the mail. 

The hope is that by ordering online and taking the impressions yourself, you’ll save a few trips to an office and maybe a few bucks. But what is the reality? Well, here at Daniel & Jones Orthodontics, we can think of a few reasons why you probably want to keep orthodontic procedures to the orthodontic experts – Let’s talk about a few of them below. 

What am I missing with Mail-Order?

Nobody wants to spend more money and more time running errands. That much is obvious, so it makes sense that you might consider trying mail-order orthodontics for yourself or a loved one. 

Here’s the trick – you’d miss out on all these great benefits by going online. Benefits like: 

5 Things You Won't Get With Mail-Order OrthodonticsFree In-person Consultation 

Dr. Daniel and Dr. Jones are members of the greater Little Rock area community, just like you. And, just like you, they know it’s essential to make every dollar count. That’s why consultations are free with Daniel & Jones Orthodontics – every time. 

Personalized Treatment Plans 

In the best-case mail-order scenario, you’ll take a picture of your teeth that convey some superficial features of your teeth and jaw’s structure and health. DIY impressions will (hopefully) accurately model more in-depth features of your starting point so that an anonymous provider can mail you a dubiously-fitting aligner. 

Dr. Daniel & Dr. Jones have decades of experience setting patients up for success, and they have the expertise to develop a personalized course of care just for you. You can’t get that online. 

Up-to-date Care 

With mail-order orthodontics, there’s just no way to ensure your treatment is going according to plan. Teeth and jaws respond differently to treatment, and without the attention you can get with proper in-person orthodontic plans, it’s challenging to be sure you’re on the right track. 

Dr. Jones, Dr. Daniel, and the team will make sure that no matter how your teeth and jaws respond to care, going forward, you’ll be moving in the right direction! 

A warm, inviting atmosphere 

You and your loved ones’ tooth and jaw health are important to you, and it’s important to us, too. We know it can be intimidating having corrective body-altering work performed, and that’s why we’ve gone out of our way to ensure that Daniel & Jones Orthodontics is a fun, relaxing environment. Whether it’s our Little Rock, Bryant, or Benton locations, you’ll get free wifi and beverages, plus a host of other features sure to make you smile! 

Top of the Line Equipment 

Our 3D lab has the latest and greatest in cutting-edge orthodontic care. Why mess with goopy DIY impression models that could easily give an inaccurate model of your teeth and jaws?  

 At Daniel & Jones Orthodontics, those sorts of outdated methods are a thing of the past. Get a digital scan and a 3D printed set of aligners here at our office, frequently in the same visit! 

Ditch the mess – Look for the best! 

At the end of the day, there’s no substitute for experienced professionals in a face-to-face environment when it comes to dental and orthodontic care. 

Come see why our Little Rock, Bryant, and Benton, AR, offices are consistently voted 5 stars by Arkansawyers just like you. We can’t wait to take care of you, and your smile will thank you!